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Ability to reuse references in Wikidata
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Proposed in Community-Wishlist-Survey-2016. Received 37 support votes, and ranked #39 out of 265 proposals. View full proposal with discussion and votes here.


Even if the same reference is used for every item of a Wikidata entry, the reference data has to be entered separately for each field.

Who would benefit

People entering references in Wikidata.

Proposed solution

Have a selection drop-down in every field that displays references already entered in that Wikidata page.

Technical details

Time, expertise and skills required

  • e.g. 2-3 weeks, advanced contributor, javascript, css, etc

Suitable for

  • e.g. Hackathon, GSOC, Outreachy, etc.



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Event Timeline

This task was proposed in the Community-Wishlist-Survey-2016 and in its current state needs owner. Wikimedia is participating in Google Summer of Code 2017 and Outreachy Round 14. To the subscribers -- would this task or a portion of it be a good fit for either of these programs? If so, would you be willing to help mentor this project? Remember, each outreach project requires a minimum of one primary mentor, and co-mentor.