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Not full content of article is displayed!
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Three things are missing:

  1. table of details in the right of an article ( for example for "Linux" article it describes developer, OS family, language, license and so on)
  2. table of categories after "External links"
  3. tools in the left (random article, special pages to access categories and other usfull pages)

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Dbrant added a subscriber: Dbrant.

Thanks for filing the task. To answer the issues you listed:

  1. Infoboxes are presented inline with the article, and are collapsed by default. For example, in the Linux article, scroll down past the first paragraph, and tap on the "Quick facts" table to expand it.
  2. The need to show article categories in the app is covered in T73966.
  3. You may access random articles by going to the Explore feed and finding the "Randomizer" card. Other features that are available on the website were either left out of the app as a conscious design choice, or not yet implemented. If you'd like to see a specific feature in the app, please create a separate task.