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Add language support for Latvian (lv)
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Started the bot to analyze Latvian Wikipedia:

tools.dexbot@tools-bastion-03:~/pywikibot-core$ jsub -once -N lv_bwds -mem 7g -l release=trusty /data/project/dexbot/pywikibot-core/p3_2/bin/python /data/project/dexbot/pywikibot-core/ /data/project/dexbot/pywikibot-core/scripts/ /public/dumps/public/lvwiki/20170301/lvwiki-20170301-pages-meta-history.xml.bz2
Your job 3887164 ("lv_bwds") has been submitted

It will be in in several hours to review.

Looks like this is ready for your attention @Papuass. See for instructions on what we need you to do.

Halfak moved this task from Unsorted to New development on the Machine-Learning-Team board.

Finally reviewed our words list.

Question: if we update it later, is it imported periodically or on request?

BTW: the link to documentation has been moved but page is not found:
I could not find the right page to fix it.

Fixed it

Great! Thank you. We don't update automatically based on edits to those pages. But if you want to make an update and then ping us directly, we can do a bit of work to get things in sync. :)