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Self renames with move option leave null edits to old name
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If a user renames himself not all his contributions are moved under the new username. See the provided URL for an example.

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That link doesn't really explain anything ;)

What are the edits that were not renamed? What was the users edit count?

16,368 it seems. Sounds like jobqueue lag. Wait a while, for the others to finish.

OK, so that link is the old name.

Anyway, reopening, since the queue is pretty much empty atm.

Can't reproduce this on testwiki.

All logs and deleted edits were migrated to the new name. The remaining edits (58 edits) are redirects and log edits created automatically while moving pages from the userspace of the old name to the userspace of the new name. My request here is to tweak renameuser.php to make it handle self renames more gracefully, or more specifically: Make sure that redirects and log edits created automatically while moving pages from the old userspace to new one are all attributed to new name when a user renames himself.

Thank you, Aaron.

(In reply to comment #4)

Can't reproduce this on testwiki.

May be this requires renaming of an account with a large number of edits.

OK, that makes a lot of sense, if they are the auto-move edits. I couldn't really tell since it was in .ar ;)