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Assign a right for direct posting to the main space
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Sometimes users want to further refine an article before it is posted to the main space, and they are not always aware where to put the article before they are finished. This has become a special problem with articles that needs further refinement because they contain templates that can't be readily translated. This makes it possible to somehow publish the page to the users own subspace, or some similar subspace.

The editors will typically post to their own subspace, and as the title can be changed for the target page it would be simple for most users to change the title. Sometimes this should not be voluntary, and as a minimum users should be autoconfirmed before they can post straight to the mainspace. That would stop poor translations and cross-wiki spam through the extension. It should also be possible to withdraw a users right for direct posting to the mainspace. Ie., there should be a group assigned like autoconfirmed for a translator to do direct post to mainspace.

Note that posting from some source wiki to the target wiki must also respect the rights assigned on the target wiki. If the title is not for the user space on the target wiki, then the posting should be rejected and a clear description of the error and how to fix it should be shown to the user.

Related to T162522: Track moved target article and T162521: Make it possible to keep the translated version for a limited time

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jeblad renamed this task from Assign a right to do diret posting to the main space to Assign a right for direct posting to the main space.Apr 6 2017, 10:33 PM

Title is wrong, this describes posting to the users own subspace, which is now possible. There is no right associated with this though. Will close and create a new task.