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How to write an extension for BlueSpice
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BlueSpice is MediaWiki for enterprise environments. In this session, I will show you how to add functionality to BlueSpice with a new extension using BlueSpiceFoundation. We have built a set of standard classes and methods to ease writing extensions for both MediaWiki and BlueSpice. The workshop will cover

  • the basic structure of BlueSpice extensions and how it differs from MediaWiki extensions
  • how to add user preferences with just one line
  • how to make your extension's information available as a semantic property to be used in ask queries
  • how to create a grid (table displaying data) using the API and BlueSpice's ExtJS components in just a few minutes
  • how to make your existing MediaWiki extension BlueSpice ready and visible in enterprise contexts

Feel free to bring your extension and discuss with us!

Event Timeline

This is a "proposed session" for the Wikimedia-Hackathon-2017 I assume? Moving to that column on the workboard would be welcome. :)

Session held at the hackathon.