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Add an option to log speedy deletion and prod tagging
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I think it would be a good feature to add to Page Reviewing tools, to add an option to enable/disable a userspace log for speedy deletion and prod tagging, the page it would log to would be specified by user or be defaulted to a subpage of the userpage of the user (if enabled by user w/o specifying the page to log to)

*Current Situation*
User places csd/prod tags using NPP tools on enwiki, doesnt log to any userspace page

User places CSD/prod tags using Twinkle its logged to a userspace page

*Requested Outcome*
User places csd/prod tags using NPP tools, logs to default (or specified if applicable) userpage.

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@Zppix: Currently this task is hard to fully understand.
Please follow and always structure your requests (tasks) by providing separate sections for

  • steps to reproduce the current problem / situation (including a link to "Page Reviewing Tools")
  • current outcome / situation
  • expected outcome / situation


Please generally provide links. I have no idea what "csd/prod tags" are. I can only guess that "NPP" is probably English-Wikipedia-New-Pages-Patrol ?
How is this related to general logging on a MediaWiki code level? Why this "would be a good feature"? Please describe problems you'd like to solve.

@Aklapper &
Good feature because it will allow users to track what pages they tag didnt get deleted so they can learn from that and make more accurate deletion requests
and i am referring to new page patrolling tools (curation tools)

Added English-Wikipedia-New-Pages-Patrol as I believe its more accurate then MediaWiki-Patrolling but i'm keeping both unless someone else removes one of them.

kostajh added a subscriber: kostajh.

Growth-Team could look at a patch for this if provided but we won't have time to work on this in the short to medium term.