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Program 10 Outcome 1: PaaS is easy to use
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Public cloud services & support


Empower volunteers to create technical solutions to the problems of on-wiki communities with a minimal investment of time and low friction for transferring maintainership from one individual to another.


Members of the Wikimedia movement are able to develop and deploy technical solutions with a reasonable investment of time and resources on the Wikimedia Cloud Services Platform as a Service (PaaS) product.

Objectives, Activities, Milestones, and Targets

  • Objective 1: Maintain existing Grid Engine and Kubernetes web services infrastructure and ecosystems.
  • Objective 2: Migrate Tool Labs account workflows from Wikitech to Striker where they are easier to integrate with the new user onboarding workflow and easier to maintain
    • Milestone 1: Maintain high overall customer satisfaction for the Tool Labs product as measured by the annual developer survey