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Enable FlaggedRevs Patrolling Configuration on Classical Chinese Wikipedia
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Author: itsminecookies

We (zh-classical) have voted for the function of flagged revisions, and passed with 3:0. Since it is still testing in German Wikipedia, if it is not yet available for othes, we can hold this request until it is available.

Thank you! --ItsMine

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Severity: enhancement



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Do you have any specific configuration requests? If so, please make them known, as this will probably speed up the processing of this request. Please see for details.

itsminecookies wrote:

Thanks for your advice! After discussing with the wikipedians in MSN, we think that just the basic configuration is enough.

Should stable versions show by default or the current show by default to readers?

itsminecookies wrote:

Stable Version should be showed by default.

(In reply to comment #5)

Stable Version should be showed by default.

FlaggedRevs has been enabled on zh-classical wiki. If there are any issues, please do not hesitate to reopen this bug.