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Prepare and check storage layer for atjwiki
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Please prepare and check storage layer, labs, backups and dumps for the future Wiki will be public, so the wiki should be replicated to labs

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If this is going to be a public Wiki, there is nothing that the DBAs have to do apart from sanitizing db1069, db1095 and labs.
The only pending thing would be the table views created by cloud-services-team once the tables are in place.

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Lol. Thanks a lot Reedy.
Is the content from incubator will follow?

Is the content from incubator will follow?

"we" don't usually do that. Usually the incubator guys do, so MF-Warburg or SPQRobin will do it as per


I have sanitized this wiki on sanitarium and sanitarium2 and checked that it sanitized labs servers.
cloud-services-team can you guys go ahead and create the views on both the old and new labs servers?

@Marostegui need some help still: pymysql.err.OperationalError: (1044, "Access denied for user 'maintainviews'@'localhost' to database 'atjwiki_p'"). That's from labsdb1009 but I imagine the others have the same problem.

Similar to: T168021#3353382 I did:

GRANT SELECT, SHOW VIEW ON `atjwiki\_p`.* to labsdbuser;

And then ran the script: sudo /usr/local/sbin/maintain-views --databases atjwiki and it worked on labsdb1009.
I will check the other ones too.

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And views created on labsdb1010 and 1011 after adding the grant.
Also created on labsdb1001 and labsdb1003

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