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Release Huggle 3.2.0
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There were so many changes since last release, we need to finally release it.

Current master need to be packaged and beta testers informed, it would also be nice to find someone who has Mac and can build there.

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Petrb triaged this task as High priority.Jun 13 2017, 12:05 PM

We need to check if there are any critical / major issues that should be resolved before release

Hi! I'm a regular user of Huggle with MacOS Sierra 10.12.5.
I would be happy to help you as beta tester. Feel free to contact me for next steps.

Hi that is great, I believe should be still up to date, not sure about it though. Can you try to follow instructions for official packaging and see if they work? If not let me know about any issues you encounter.

I released this version of Huggle, but we still need to sort build for Macs @Matthewrbowker?

@Petrb I can build on my Macbook tonight if you want

that would be great! Don't forget:

git clone
cd huggle3-qt-lx
git checkout 3.2.0
git submodule init
git submodule update

Then just follow the classic guide:

With this version you should be able to use newer Qt version as well, like 5.7 which I used on Windows, but don't forget that in this case, configure script needs to be called with --web-engine

call to configure script is somewhere inside the package script, so it probably also needs to be modified for that to work

I understand, sorting it now :)


Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 9.45.13 PM.png (1×2 px, 1 MB)

I'm sure this is not meant to happen...

I've added the .dmg to the release :) If you need me to build again just ping me in a Phab task and I'll get one done