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Implement mechanisms to prohibit blatant attack usernames
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Project documentation

Meta - Community health initiative/Mechanisms to prohibit blatant attack usernames

High-level goal

Decrease harassment by disallowing users from creating blatant attack usernames (e.g. User:Foobar_is_a_jerk being created to attack User:Foobar)

Prioritization rationale

This will likely be a feature we develop in 2018.

Event Timeline

Some rouge thoughts:

  • Perhaps there is a stricter list that only admins or stewards can add usernames, which would prevent exact matches?

Make it a special page where only admins and stewards can add usernames and see it. Currently we do that via m:Title blacklist which lists the regex publicly and therefore it is very easy to circunvent. I also would like to add that we need to convert MediaWiki:Email-blacklist in a special page only visible for admins/stewards as email addresses or domains are private information covered by the WMF privacy policy and also, due to WP:BEANS, if we expose which domains or email addresses are banned from account creation is shooting ourselves in the foot. Thanks.

Yes, I agree that any successful system will have to have restricted access, for exactly the reasons you mentioned.