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Break pageview metrics down by month
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The page views metrics ( currently show a total over all time. It would be far more informative if we could see the data broken down by month.

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I've been noodling around in the metrics code, and discovering various issues with what we're doing there. An example is that some of our reports have running totals over time and some don't. Another is that the pageviews data view feels a bit like reinvention of the wheel. Basically, I'm not sure what the goal of some of this stuff is.

We could use an off the shelf tool that does logfile analysis like awstats or webalizer to generate canned reports and graphs of page view data. Some of the other stats could be provided by something like pywik or open web analytics, which could also provide the pageview data.

Obviously, we're going to have some numbers that we care about that are particular to us as well, but I'd like to get the use cases all laid out based on what the project is trying to accomplish.

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Are we removing this as a post-migration priority Jake? (re: lowering priority)

Sam, we are definitely deprioritizing this, possibly just removing the link to the page until we have more cycles in phase 3. It's very low-use now and fixing it is far less important than other priorities.

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Probably best to do this by integrating a more comprehensive reporting tool and stopping use of django-requests as a way of counting pageviews.