Something about these images created by a nightly build of Inkscape prevents RSVG/MediaWiki from rendering the images properly
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Author: will.pittenger1+wikibugzilla

Three of these images remain somewhat usable. The fourth, is completely unusable without a fix (or uploading a PNG version). They were created with the July 24, 2008 nightly build of Inkscape.

Image:Sebring International Raceway.svg|Current map
Image:Sebring International Raceway - Historical (1952).svg|Map for the 1952 layout
Image:Edmonton Grand Prix racing track.svg|Just the track
Image:Edmonton City Aiport map with the racing road course map overlaid.svg|The track in relationship to the entire airport

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: blocker
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC

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will.pittenger1+wikibugzilla wrote:

It is definitely something about Inkscape's 7-24-2008 nightly build. Using 0.46 from start doesn't cause the problem. However, that version won't fix it either once the image is created.

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If Inkscape delivers crap, you cannot expect other tools to process its output properly.

Closed as INVALID, as this is an Inkscape issue.

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