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Make screenshots for ShoutWiki-developed skins
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Per recent conclusion of T68295, we need screenshots of these 3 skins (I'll take care of them). This also means we need to deal with issues that block us from taking quality screenshots. I took some for Refreshed, so Gamepress and DuskToDawn is left

The reason Refreshed wasn't taken in that was because it had a hard dependency on WikiFont, and thus not as simple as just a git clone (which is tracked in T155083, but out of scope for this task ).



1280 x 800iPhone 6 Plus (414 x 736)iPad - Portrait mode (768 x 1024)


TODO: Take screenshots of Gamepress


TODO: Take screenshots of DuskToDawn

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There are screenshots of the different refreshed views on the documentation page. I updated them a few months ago.

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