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Considering switching from WikiFont to OOUI icons in the Refreshed skin
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(Creating a new ticket so that if we do end up writing a patch, we have a bug to point back to, and also so that other ticket doesn't get off-topicish just in case)
Per discussion in T154957, and relevant comment (T154957#2929978):

Thanks for clarifying everything @SamanthaNguyen, here, and on IRC. So the Refreshed skin is using the Wikifont as a font, and if I understand correctly, will no longer be needing the SVG files.

We haven't supported the Wikifont in a while, the latest commit 8499b27 was on 4 Jul 2016, and aren't planning to revive it. The OOUI icons on the other hand get updated with more regularity (P4728). All the tickets that you pointed out in your comment were for the process of keeping the OOUI icons updated.

We could however build a font and CSS file using the icons in the OOUI repo which could be used by you. Also, how difficult would it be for you to switch to the SVG icons in the OOUI repo (I am not suggesting you use OOUI widgets, just the icons)?

Thoughts? This should be considerably pretty easy to do.

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ah yes, thanks for linking to that :-)

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I am quite certain that we don't want to ship OOUI icons as a font at the moment, or in the near future. However, you are welcome to include the font in the skin itself

MtMNC added a comment.Jul 24 2018, 6:32 PM

Alright, thanks for the quick response! :) I'll close T200250 now and try things out with inline SVGs.

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Closing--Refreshed 4 uses inline OOUI SVGs.

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