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Please allow use of HeaderCount extension on eswiki
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Hi you all. On eswiki [1] we want to change our current visual aspect on disambiguation pages. For it, we want to move to the right the "Table of contents" on pages with 4 or more sections. Then, extension HeaderCount [2] can be useful for us.

I open this task seeking you can activate this extension on eswiki.

[1] Discussion about this change:é/Archivo/Propuestas/Actual#Otra_propuesta_sobre_p.C3.A1ginas_de_desambiguaci.C3.B3n
[2] Extension page:

Thank you and best regards


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Not that easy through. Every extension must pass before it can be enabled on a WMF-run site. As I don't see indication this is done, we can't enable that extension ATM. Feel free to create relevant tasks and move it forward if you're interested.

This is not a formal review, but some quick thoughts about the HeaderCount extension:

  • It looks like the extension is not in our repositories on Gerrit, but only on GitHub. It would have to be imported first, so that we can do deployments without relying on external services.
  • Looking at the code, it looks like the extension does nothing to make sure it is reading the latest page content after a page has just been saved – we'd have to test it, but I think it would basically require purging a page every time after it is edited to get the correct results.
  • It also doesn't account for heading generates by embedded templates.

If you want this to be done soon, I would recommend trying to solve this without requiring additional extensions, and instead using a gadget or something.

This is unlikely to get deployed IMHO. I suggest that we find another way to do what is requested and this task be closed. Thanks.

I agree. We can close this task. But, who close this task? Me? I'm not sure that I can close a task...

@Jmvkrecords: Anyone can via the "add action" dropdown. :)