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Please set up wiki for Wikimedia Norge
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The board of Wikimedia Norge had a meeting yesterday, and we decided that we would like to have our official site as, like several what several other chapters (official and unofficial) have.

The language should be <no> Norwegian Bokmål, but some namespace redirects should be in place to accomodate Nynorsk users. The following namespace redirects should be added:

"Brukar" => "Bruker"
"Brukardiskusjon" => "Brukerdiskusjon"
"Fil" => "Bilde"
"Fildiskusjon" => "Bildediskusjon"

Also, we would like to be able use Special:Import from metawiki, nowiki, nnwiki and sewiki.

$wgSiteName should be "Wikimedia Norge";
$wgMetaNamespace should be "Wikimedia Norge", but with redirects from "Wikimedia Noreg" and "Wikimedia Norga".

On behalf of Wikimedia Norge,
Jon Harald Søby

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Severity: enhancement



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Update: $wgMetaNamespace should not be "Wikimedia Norge", but just "Wikimedia". Thanks.

Another thing: Please also make [[Image:Wiki.png]] the default logo (so it can easily be changed).

Putting on Rob's list to create...

Add entry for wgNamespaceAliases in InitialiseSettings:
'nowikimedia' => array(

'Brukar' => NS_USER,
'Brukardiskusjon' => NS_USER_TALK,
'Fil' => NS_IMAGE,
'Fildiskusjon' => NS_IMAGE_TALK,
'Wikimedia_Noreg' => NS_PROJECT,
'Wikimedia_Norga' => NS_PROJECT,


Add entry for wgSitename:
'nowikimedia' => 'Wikimedia Norge',

and wgMetaNamespace:
'nowikimedia' => 'Wikimedia_Norge',

Add entry for wgImportSources:
'nowikimedia' => array( 'meta, 'w', 'w:nn', 'w:se' ),
(I'm not sure w:nn and w:se will actually _work_ yet, though. We'll test after setup.)

Creation settings:
addwiki.php no wikimedia nowikimedia

I think that should do it. Might have to add a DNS entry under template if it's not already pulling the language list. ('no' is conveniently both a country and a language code. ;)

Also... might have to clone an entry in wikimedia.conf in /home/wikipedia/config/httpd. I don't think they have a wildcard for wikis on *, so it might need adding.

H92.wikipedia wrote:

No, no, no - The Meta namespace should be named “Wikimedia”, and the “Wikimedia Noreg”/“–Norga” redirects are thus not needed.

Thanks =)

H92.wikipedia wrote:

… and don’t forget that the logo should be set to Image:Wiki.png =)

bugs wrote:

(In reply to comment #3)

Add entry for wgImportSources:
'nowikimedia' => array( 'meta, 'w', 'w:nn', 'w:se' ),
(I'm not sure w:nn and w:se will actually _work_ yet, though. We'll test after

'w:no' should probably be an import source as well.

H92.wikipedia wrote:

If the url is, it would be enough with w: to get to

At least it’s that way with se.wikim… and se.wikip…

All setup. If there are any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to re-open this ticket.

Thanks for creating it! We made things quite difficult for you with lots of changes, however, so there’s still a couple of things that need to be changed. Sorry. I’ll list it all here for convenience.

  • $wgMetaNamespace should be just "Wikimedia", not "Wikimedia Norge" (thus the need for the redirects "Wikimedia Noreg" and "Wikimedia Norga" disappears).
  • Image:Wiki.png should be the logo.
  • [[w:]] and [[wikipedia:]] interwiki prefixes should go to (currently w: doesn’t work at all, while wikipedia: links to enwiki)

That’s all I think. Again, thanks. :-)

The logo is now pointed to Image:Wiki.png. You can upload a new image for your wiki within it. I have also updated the namespace per your request. w: goes to as requested, but wikipedia: will continue to go to en, like everywhere else.


H92.wikipedia wrote:

Reopening per #c8

Please make the standard time zone for the wiki CET/CEST (eg. signature timestamps).


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