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kafka-jumbo1004 h/w problem most likely raid card
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During setup, the raid bios would stall and had trouble reading certain disks. I did eventually get the raid setup but more than half the disks show failed. I did try swap a flashing amber disks to a known good disk from kakfa-j1005 and the disk works fine in kafkaj-1005 and the known good disk failed in 1004.

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open a self dispatch with Dell for a new raid card

Cmjohnson closed this task as Resolved.Aug 23 2017, 3:14 PM

Received and replaced the raid controller! A million times better and it's working fine now. The return shipping info is
USPS 9202 3946 5301 2436 4532 01
FEDEX 9611918 2393026 73203222

Amazing! Thank you.

Aklapper removed a project: Analytics.Jul 4 2020, 7:59 AM