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For discussion: Research team member responsibilities w/r/t planned work, unplanned work, discretionary time, and volunteering
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Placeholder for having a conversation on what expectations we want to set about how we, as individual team members, decide what to work on & when, and how that relates to quarterly and annual plan goals, career development, and our non-paid work as movement volunteers--which may involve research.

We should revisit this topic once all new hires are onboarded, and decide then whether and/or how to have the conversation.

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leila added a project: Research-management.
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@leila: Hi, this task is under "Research (FY2019-20-Research-October-December)". Should it still be open (+get an active milestone), or has it been resolved? Thanks!

@Aklapper yes, please. In my todo, and I'm behind on it.

@leila: Thanks. In that case I'll move it to April-June, because archiving the Oct-Dec tag is all that I'm really after. :)

@Aklapper for my understanding: what is the issue with leaving that tag open? (I'm imagining it's cluttering somewhere, I don't know where though.)