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Write up and publish the WikiCite 2017 report
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As a precondition for fundraising for next year's event (T174750), we will publish a report about WikiCite 2017, leveraging the detailed notes and videos from the event, the extensive blog and social media coverage after the event, as well as the results of the survey we conducted in collaboration with CMU (T164536).

  • Post mortem with lessons for the organizers
  • Define the report outline
  • Solicit input from the participants:
    • Initiatives and projects participants would like to see covered in the report (particularly if they made additional progress on these projects after the event)
    • Quotes from representatives of key orgs (e.g. Internet Archive, OCLC, Zotero)
    • Any statistics or milestones
    • Any blog post or WikiCite-related media coverage or presentation
  • Publish the survey results including comment from the organizers about design, response rate and overall engagement scores.
  • Publish the final report as a PDF on Commons/Figshare