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Autogenerate false positive reports when the bot detects it's been reverted
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As IABot gets deployed on smaller wikis, the manpower to report false positives diminishes. Some users are only compelled to reverse IABot and end up edit warring with it.

In this new update, IABot will be able to detect if all or parts of it have been reversed, analyze why the URL was reverted, and automatically adapt to the changes or report to the tool roots if it can't figure out why it was reverted.

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For this to work right, we'll need to some serious error handling and checking. People revert the bot's edits for a multitude of reasons. Nowadays it's less because the bot broke the page formatting and more because the bot began to fail on some URLs. If I could be a given a list of reasons why someone would revert the bot's edits, that would help me to create a proper analysis routine.

@Green_Cardamom Can you help put together a list.

Ill leave some as I think of them.

Reasons why an editor might revert:

  • Editor rolls back a later edit (vandalism, edit dispute etc) back to a "good" version with the IAB edit caught up in the middle
  • Archive URL is soft 404
  • URL is still live
  • Archive URL isn't working (many reasons)
  • No rationale reason. They don;t like bots, don;t like the way it looks, mistake it as vandal etc

A crude version now exists in v1.6beta but it's far from ready to be released to the public.

This is now refined in v1.6beta and is ready for testing.