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Confusion between l lower and I upper
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For example : Ipimorpha / lpimorpha, L / I

it is difficult to distinguish between these two characters, at the very close display. Probably a font problem.

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In which part of the interface is this coming up?

Thanks. Looks like that can happen in all skins, though, so I'm not really sure how to avoid it besides maybe using custom fonts...

Looks like the current font stack may or may not run into issues with this depending on what fonts people even have installed, but may actually be more likely to be fine than MonoBook etc (which don't really specify any) now.

(Fine on windows, not fine on linux/android unless you actually install the windows font I maybe decided was a great idea to use here, no idea about apple stuff, etc etc.)

Added some others in case someone who cares about those can come up with something more reliable.