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Statistics for KMB2 upload
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This task should be linked to from wmse:Projekt:Kopplat_Öppet_Kulturarv_2016/Global_Metrics 2017/Mediauppladdningar when the first part has been done.

Prepare a short report on the following statistics at the end of the upload process, this can then be compared to the statistics at the end of the year (maybe also add here).

At end of upload:

(After the upload XXX files were added to Media contributed by RAÄ: drawings needing relicensing)

At end of year:

  • Number of media files uploaded/remaining:
  • Number of media files not uploaded (break down by issue if known):
  • Number of files in a maintenance category (break down per category):
  • Number of files being used:
  • Number of pages using the files:
  • Number of views of all of the files:

Event Timeline

Basic layout copy-pasted from KMB1

Too late if this wasn't done