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Import errors from and make them translatable
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We're not sure why the errors just link to and a list of english error messages...

Why don't we have them in the extension, in i18n and translatable?

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Looks like they were added in T58492.

I guess the idea is that non-english users will encounter them, but when they tell someone having an error number saves the dev from grepping?

Having the separate error link seems silly. I think they should be merged into the i18n message.

The developers here are the people who wrote the OAuth client, so we don't necessarily want to expose them to MediaWiki code. I think @csteipp wanted to separate the error message for the user and the error message for the app developer? Although there are things on Help:OAuth/Errors that seem to be addressed to the user.

Improved the help page a bit, in any case. I don't have a strong opinion on keeping it (it could easily be made translatable) vs. importing back into the extension code.