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Change public domain URL to something other than Wikipedia
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Author: nsk

bug #15125 introduced the public domain licence to the installer, but the URL points to Wikipedia.

If we want an external URL then the URL should probably be the Creative
Commons Public Domain Declaration, rather than to Wikipedia, because the
Wikipedia link can be vandalised at any time (in fact I expect increased
vandalism on that page simply as a result of MediaWiki wikis going live under
the public domain and all of them linking to that Wikipedia page's live
revision, driving lots of newbies there). And what if someone goes to the
Wikipedia page and writes "public domain means it is super-copyrighted" and
people from another wiki click on the link to be informed about their rights
over a pd-licensed wiki and see that?

But I see no reason to prefer an external URL over a local URL: I propose to
make the URL go to a local wiki's page which will be populated by the MediaWiki
installer to carry a public domain declaration, similar to the one at Creative

This bug could be resolved by either pointing the URL to Creative Commons or by including a local URL.

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: enhancement



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nsk wrote:

Replace Wikipedia link with Creative Commons link

This patch replaces the Wikipedia public domain link to the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication page. It does not link to any specific CC PD language, but relies on the CC website to show a default language, which currently is en_US. No other metadata markings are used, and no Creative Commons Public Domain icon is used, only the URL is used.