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Hide "(Redirected from …)" notice when printing articles
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Currently when you print a page, the contentSub section is printed as well. At least on articles, this seems not desired I think (it's metadata right?). I suggest we add a definition to CommonPrint.css

.ns-0 #contentSub,

should be added to the list of .noprint items items (line 100) of commonPrint.css

Version: 1.24rc
Severity: enhancement
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What this prevents is that you get "Redirected from someothertitle" in your print-outs.

Confirming that this is still an issue in 1.24, with when just going to "File > Print" in my browser.
Same for "Printable version" in the sidebar which would be

We probably can't just hide #contentSub, as there's all kinds of other things that get put inside it.

(Grep for /->(setSubtitle|appendSubtitle|addSubtitle|addBacklinkSubtitle)/.)

Duh, so let's wrap the message in another element and hide that instead. Easy-peasy.

What about #contentSub2 ?

It's used in instances like View or restore # deleted edits? in un-deletions for example.

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Hide 'redirectedfrom' notice when printing articles

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