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Image thumbnail shows old version
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Thanks for reporting this.
I've tried purging the File: page and passing a random URL parameter to those stuck thumbnail URLs but looks like that did not help either.

200px looks good now.

Addendum: Some hours later I get the framed version again.

This is probably a Traffic issue in varnish cache? Or is this a browser cache issue like in T38380? Or is this a problem with the actual file storage in SRE-swift-storage?

I'd exclude browser cache issues as the problem occured with differenct browsers for different users who had not loaded the image before.

(discussions on dewiki, cf de:Talk:Samuel Löb Zitron#Bildgröße)

Ok. Did the thumbnail eventually fix itself? If so, this is probably T133821

The original version with frame was restored, so the problem can not be reproduced (see file version history).