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Present WFD project at "smartare miljömål" webinar
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We have been invited to give a presentation about the WFD project at a webinar for Swedish agencies working on "Smartare miljömål" under the "Digitalt first" government agenda.

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The requested links were sent to the orgaisers. Awaiting link to the recording of the video and details about the participants.

@Jopparn: Any thoughts on where the most natural place for the Global metrics would be?

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Video is up at

Have asked that a few typos are fixed and if the license can be changed to CC BY and re-iterated my question about participants.

Licence and typos updated on Youtube. Video being copied to Commons.

Add the Global Metrics under the project Föreläsningar 2018 on our wiki.

We do not expect to get the exact numbers.

I pinged the organisers again about participants. In case they don't have a list I asked about which organisations got the invite.