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Digital humanities track
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Proposal for a Digital Humanities Session

The Digital Humanities Network of the UAB proposed this first tentative list:

  • Arqueopedia (UAB). Incorporate info from arqueological objects to wikipedia.
  • Viquimodernisme (UB).
  • Historical Social Network (CVC-CED). Connect the historical network with wikimedia (providing the historical context).
  • IFMUC (UAB- musicology). Connect/incorporate information from catalan composers with wikipedia.
  • Libraries (DDD - UAB). How to incorporate the multi-media objects (audio,video,images) from the DDD ( to wikidata.

Session outline (etherpad)

Main talks & presentations (10-20 min):

  • Viquimodernisme: @ESM (will try to make it no longer than 15 minutes. Maybe I'm done in 10)
  • Historical social network: Alicia Fornés (CVC/UAB)
  • Semantic MediaWiki for simple tagging projects, Prades Memorial - @Toniher
  • Open Data and Catalogues of the UAB libraries. Catalan bibliographic databases and Heritage collections: Ferran Jorba (UAB)
  • ... <please add your own>


  • Proposals of new properties / data types in Wikidata rellevant for Digital humanities
  • Institutions / whoever release their data; data is uploaded to Wikidata, reused, connected, corrected; institutions remain oblivious that this is happening and don't consider / want to integrate Wikidata Qs in their databases. How can we change this? (not a hacking question, I'm afraid)
  • Important hurdles faced during digital humanities + wikidata/mediawiki/open knowledge projects
  • Introduce (more) text encoding in Wikisource?

Expected outcomes:

  • things to be further discussed during Hackathon. Maybe in other sessions
    • SDC General will have already had their session, but there are lots of areas in common
  • Proposals or Phabricator tasks to be opened
  • Prototype ideas to be developed during remaining of Hackathon
    • Citoid / WikiCite: improve the UX by making it easier to insert reference pages in citations

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ESM triaged this task as Medium priority.May 10 2018, 4:24 PM
ESM updated the task description. (Show Details)

Hello! Can a representative from this track join us for the mentor / newcomer matching session?
This would just be to help make sure newcomers understand that they can work on this as an option.
Starts at 14:30 on Friday in Sessions principals (Q10003)
@Halfak for awareness :)

Hello @Rfarrand , thanks for the invite! Sadly, and despite I'm the one with this task assigned I won't be able to make it at the matching session :( Hope someone else can attend (@Alibey maybe?)