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Improve HTMLForm documentation to cover more classes
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There is need to update HTMLForm Documentation. HTMLForm is like feature Documentation for creating Special Page.

There is much class which needs to Documentation. Like

  • 'api' => HTMLApiField::class,
  • 'textwithbutton' => HTMLTextFieldWithButton::class
  • 'combobox' => HTMLComboboxField::class,
  • 'limitselect' => HTMLSelectLimitField::class
  • 'toggle' => HTMLCheckField::class
  • 'namespaceselect' => HTMLSelectNamespace::class,
  • 'namespaceselectwithbutton' => HTMLSelectNamespaceWithButton::class,
  • 'tagfilter' => HTMLTagFilter::class,
  • 'sizefilter' => HTMLSizeFilterField::class
  • 'edittools' => HTMLEditTools::class,
  • 'cloner' => HTMLFormFieldCloner::class,
  • 'autocompleteselect' => HTMLAutoCompleteSelectField::class,
  • 'date' => HTMLDateTimeField::class,
  • 'time' => HTMLDateTimeField::class,
  • 'datetime' => HTMLDateTimeField::class,
  • 'email' => HTMLTextField::class,
  • 'url' => HTMLTextField::class,
  • 'title' => HTMLTitleTextField::class,
  • 'user' => HTMLUserTextField::class,
  • 'usersmultiselect' => HTMLUsersMultiselectField::class,


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Aklapper renamed this task from Update HTMLForm Documentation to Improve HTMLForm documentation to cover more classes.Mar 5 2018, 11:11 AM

@Jayprakash12345 Could I take up this?

@Paarmita since its a documentation task, you can go ahead and improve the docs on the given page if you know what needs improvement.
On a general note, if you're looking for small bugs to contribute to for GSoC, see

@Paarmita Sumit is right. This is documentation task, So Anyone can. Feel free to work.

Jayprakash12345 lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.Mar 28 2019, 9:19 PM

Hi, I'm an outreachy applicant. Can I improve the documentation of this page? @Jayprakash12345