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Disabling pending changes removes visual highlighting and labelling of reverts and accepts
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Some wikis use a mechanism where FlaggedRevs can be configured individually for each page. On the English Wikipedia, this is called Pending Changes. Pending Changes level 1 (PC1) is currently in use.

When PC1 is enabled on a page, accepted changes are highlighted in light blue (tested: MonoBook, Modern and Vector skins). The presence of white lines (usually reverted changes) is a helpful visual hint that PC1 is indeed needed and should continue to be used.

When PC1 is then disabled, the highlighting of past edits is removed. However, continuing to display that information for those edits to whom it applied when PC1 was active should be the default. Removing the information conveys no discernible benefits, while retaining it more easily shows the extent to which protection measures may be warranted. I suspect but have not tested (for obvious reasons) that if an admin were to misclick and disable PC1 by mistake, the historic record would at once become unrecoverable through the UI accessible to admins, even if PC1 were re-enabled. Only new changes would then be highlighted again.

(Additionally, but not quite so importantly, when PC1 is active, the usernames of who accepted certain changes is also displayed, or a note that a change was automatically accepted, for those with sufficient privilege. This display is also lost when disabling PC1.)

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When PC1 is then disabled

Why would you suddenly disable it?

Does this task describe a situation (disabling PC and hence losing labelling) that has actually happened? If so, when and why?

I refer you to the discussion here.

Meanwhile, I've confirmed that re-enabling PC1 on a page does not bring the record back.

This bug also occurs every time a PC1 protection expires.

Instances of removing PC1 are logged at

Instances of PC1 expiring are logged at

This is a common problem when FlaggedRevisions is used with an autoexpiry. On enWikipedia editors will often request protection after the PC protection auto-expired and it's difficult for sysops to evaluate the need for further protection because the revisions are no longer flagged. I'll look into whether this can be improved.