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Plan for Q4
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  • List all objectives committed as part of annual plan FY17-18.
  • Objective/program leads to assess the status of each objective per notes in the etherpad by March 15, 2018.
  • The team meets in the week of March 19 to discuss who does what and write the goals for Q4.

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@leila I also added a new proposed piece of work under TP11, based on conversation with @DarTar today.

Thanks @Capt_Swing. @leila, let's chat about the scope and feasibility of this (especially as it intersects with the Stanford collab), I'd like to get a head start on this goal in preparation for next fiscal.

We are almost settled with all plans for Q4. Talking with Baha shortly about it, and will move all goals to hopefully soon.

@DarTar Please review Program 4: I moved Outcome 4 there. And we decided not to have any Outcome 2 goals for Q4, so no row for that. Can you confirm that this is everything you know Research should contribute to and sign off here?

Goals are moved to in their corresponding sections.

Note: We need to create phabricator tasks for each bullet point. @diego @bmansurov @diego can you help with this for your items?

Thanks all!

Thanks a lot, @bmansurov. it's fine to skip TP11 for now. Miriam has already worked on some of the tasks and I'll add 1-2 more.

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