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No notification when linking a username in edit summary
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This edit did not give me a notification that Aoba47 was notified. Edit summary notifications appear to be working for other users based on the complaints of bot accounts being bombarded with emails, so I assume the issue is that there is no notification to the user who links the username. I have "failed mention" and "successful mention" checked in the "web" column of the "notify me about these events" part of the notifications section of Special:Preferences.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Link a username in an edit summary

Event Timeline

>>> for i in list(pywikibot.User(pywikibot.Site('en'), 'Jc86035').contributions(namespace=0)):
...     if i[0].title() == 'Deadwood (Toni Braxton song)': print(i)
(Page(Deadwood (Toni Braxton song)), 832341887, Timestamp(2018, 3, 25, 11, 43, 12), u'substituted infobox | Cleaned up using [[WP:AutoEd|AutoEd]]')
(Page(Deadwood (Toni Braxton song)), 832341812, Timestamp(2018, 3, 25, 11, 42, 32), u"fixed [[User:Aoba47]]'s edit / removed page from error category")
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