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Write a report for Wiki Workshop 2018
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Write a report for T191092 event.

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leila triaged this task as High priority.Mar 29 2018, 9:42 PM
leila created this task.

@srodlund Dario mentioned that he will write this report. It would be great if you can help him. Specifically, it would be great if before April 24 (workshop day) you talk with him to see what depth of report he wants to have, what kind of information he wants to include, and put a structure around it before we go to the workshop. After the workshop, we can provide a summary of what happened and help you fill up the structure.

We should also set aside some time to pass this by our collaborators who co-run the workshop with us.

Does this work for you?

Just a note that @srodlund has limited availability and will be completely offline as of the 20th. I'd like to get this out before the hackathon until it's still fresh. Sarah: can we chat this week and discuss a plan?

Wiki-Workshop 18 has passed. Resolving this task for now.