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define & share tracking information
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We will reuse the landingpage we used in our last thank you campaign 2018:

landingpage link

campaign tag
There will be 2 banners with just different texts. There will be an a/b-testing of the texts.
Banner 1: ?campaign=WMDE_2018_sprbt1 (banner text to learn wikipedia)
Banner 2: ?campaign=WMDE_2018_sprbt2 (banner text to correct articles)

landingpage including the campaign tag
Banner 1:
Banner 2:

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Stefan_Schneider_WMDE renamed this task from define & share landingpage links to define & share tracking information.Apr 5 2018, 9:33 AM
Stefan_Schneider_WMDE updated the task description. (Show Details)

@kai.nissen: Can you please help me with the definition of the campaign tag: Do we just define a random campaign tag? Or is there a specific structure?

The campaign tag just needs to be prefixed by WMDE_.

The campaign tag is case sensitive. I updated the task description accordingly.

Out of curiosity: What does sumbt mean?

@kai.nissen : Thx again. sumbt: sum=summer; bt=banner (I copied that from the older versions)

Yes, I was assuming something like this. Shouldn't it be sprbt then?

@kai.nissen Please give me some time to check whether our user registration schemata track the referer page. Because if they do, we do not need to introduce a different campaign tag for the first landing page to track user registrations that eventually happen there. Thanks.

This open task is associated to a project for Spring 2018 (a year ago). Any updates? Is this task still valid? Should it be associated to a project that's not in the past?