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To create a new message displayed in reading mode for article's talk pages
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Author: Kropotkine113

For now the only talkpage message I know is Mediawiki:talkpagetext which is displayed for all the namespaces and unfortunately only in editing mode.

A message for article's talk page, displayed in reading mode, would allow each community to provide to readers and contributors some basic informations and some tools like a list of talksubpages (e.g. to-do pages, archives), a list of community discussions about the article (deletion request, neutrality disputes and so on) and others suitable tricks.

A message would provide these improvements in a permanent way, automatically, and without a massive template use.

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Severity: enhancement



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ayg wrote:

The fix appears to apply to all talk namespaces, not just article talk. Also, are the desired parser functions (#ifexist, etc.) going to work properly here?

Parser functions seem to work as expected on my wiki, and after a discussion with the reporter on IRC, having it used on all talk pages is fine.

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I think this is related to the planned work in
and to some of the work done in
(Specifically to do with: standardizing/globalizing the way that metadata and workflows are attached to pages/talkpages, without having to import/implement the huge maze of templates/bots that the larger Wikipedias currently use.)

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