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The popup in the line chart is obstructive
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When you visit any of the line charts in the v2 Wikistats, there's a pop up at the right side of the chart. It is obstructive as it prevents the hover event from getting passed down to the "change-to-table-view" component.

I am attaching a screencast to explain how the "change-to-table-view" component is getting affected.

Also, may be we could discuss if the bullet points really need to be present, for it looks kinda out of place, just my two cents.

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Hey @Amitjoki, I believe this task somewhat overlaps with T187429. Resolving point 3 of T187429 will automatically resolve this. Correct me if I'm wrong.

fdans added a project: Analytics-Kanban.

Hey @sahil505 I'm already working on this as part of T188277. Thanks!

fdans moved this task from Incoming to Wikistats Beta on the Analytics board.

This was resolved by T188277.