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Install Sparql kernel in PAWS
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Analyse if we should install sparlqkernel in PAWS.

  • Install in PAWS-beta
  • Analyse use cases
  • Decide to install in PAWS or not

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@Harmonia_Amanda called to my attention the existence of a SPARQL kernel for Jupyterhub, I don't see much advantage over but do see it as "a cool thing"™ to support a SPARQL kernel.

It is pretty trivial to install, but I did not manage to get the diagram output working correctly, and I do fear the sparlqkernel project may not be adequately maintained.

Luckybrave added a subscriber: Luckybrave.

i would like to tryout fixing this issue, with guidance from @Chicocvenancio

Bstorm added a subscriber: yuvipanda.

sparql is live now (thanks @yuvipanda)