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Build and upload jenkins-debian-glue_0.18.4-wmf3 for jessie
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I could use a rebuild and upload of the Debian package jenkins-debian-glue for T193906. It is a fork of with some patches cherry picked.

git clone
git checkout debian/jessie-wikimedia
gbp buildpackage

The patches are stored in the branch patch-queue/debian/jessie-wikimedia, but exported anyway in debian/patches.

An unsigned package I have build is at

The package is only installed on CI labs instances and already deployed. no urgency

The previous version has been uploaded on under jessie-wikimedia/main.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2018-05-25T22:57:19Z] <mutante> - import jenkins-debian-glue_0.18.4-wmf3 for jessie-wikimedia (T193910)

[install1002:~/jenkins-debian-glue] $ export REPREPRO_BASE_DIR=/srv/wikimedia
[install1002:~/jenkins-debian-glue] $ export GNUPGHOME=/root/.gnupg
[install1002:~/jenkins-debian-glue] $ sudo -E reprepro -C main include jessie-wikimedia jenkins-debian-glue_0.18.4-wmf3_amd64.changes
Exporting indices...
Deleting files no longer referenced...

[install1002:~/jenkins-debian-glue] $ sudo -E reprepro ls jenkins-debian-glue
jenkins-debian-glue | 0.10.0-trusty1 | trusty-wikimedia | amd64, i386, source
jenkins-debian-glue | 0.18.4-wmf3 | jessie-wikimedia | amd64, i386, source

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