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Using ORES to score your stuff
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Come one! Come all! We'll use ORES -- the Wikimedia AI service -- to score our edits and the pages we care about. We'll demonstrate how to use the service to score all sorts of things. The goal of this workshop is to get everyone a basic understanding of how they can use ORES directly or integrate it into their tools.

Room: Sessions principals (Q10003)
Date: Friday, May 18th (Day 1)
Time: 1600 CEST / 1400 UTC (Right after Newcomer-matching finishes)
Stream link:

Bring your laptops & phones!

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This session is in a room with video recording capabilities. Would you like this session recorded for YouTube / Commons?
Pinging @bcampbell as he will be helping with this.

Yes please. Could there also be a live stream for remotees?

Yes, however you will need to be responsible for monitoring IRC or wherever you are taking questions. You can delegate that to someone in the audience.
Brendan can give you the link to your session's steam later.

You can check with @CKoerner_WMF if he is able to help you publicize this on social media. :)

Amazing! It even loads in phab! Thank you @bcampbell :)

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