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Technical development statistics (Git and Gerrit) on
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A short introduction (10-15min?) to for anyone interested in statistics about our technical community who use our technical infrastructure (Wikimedia Git; Gerrit; Phabricator; IRC;
Followed by questions, (hopefully) answers, discussion.

This is a rather spontaneous session and I'm probably only going to showcase some very basics.
I'm looking forward to comments, feedback, and some questions.

Upstream project:
Upstream repositories and bug reports:
Downstream documentation:
Downstream bugs and feature requests:
List of database indices (to use in the advanced search field on the website):

Notes/script used by @Aklapper during the session:

  • Goals of this session:
    • 1. Create awareness that this exists
    • 2. Show some basics what you can do (from a user point of view, not admin stuff); about 15 minutes
    • 3. Get feedback, is this useful or not, etc
    • 4. This session will not answer your developer questions about Kibana or Elasticsearch code.
  • Grimoirelab platform/suite, under the CHAOSS umbrella of the Linux Foundation, written in Python and all FOSS, ran by Bitergia (company spin-off from a research group at the University of Madrid), also providing services for Mozilla and other organizations
  • Gathering activity data from different sources (see the left pane of ) like Git, Gerrit, Phabricator, IRC, Mailing Lists, -> indexing -> Database. Does not mean all and any data from those sources is indexed, though (e.g. not GitHub, see T186736).
  • UI: if you are used to Kibana, no news for you:
    • Overview, click items like names, repositories, organizations -> filtered view applied. Enable/disable them below text field.
    • Timeframe in upper corner.
    • Exporting short URLs possible via "Share"
    • Textfield for advanced search but need to know exact index names; see "Discover" link in docs. Standard Lucene search syntax, example: `author_bot:false AND author_name:"Foo"
  • Questions and answers; discussion

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Jayvdb brought up for dependencies of our projects. Plus potentially data in personal repositories out there.

5 people, 15-20min basic overview, after that interesting discussions. Thanks everyone!

I added the notes/script which I used during the session to the task description, so that's not anymore only a piece of paper on my desk...

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