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YAML error when parsing automatically saved config
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My keyboard shortcuts get reset from "no key" to the default keys, with the debug output "Mi Mai 30 18:45:50 2018 ERROR: YAML Parsing error (shortcut-list): yaml-cpp: error at line 54, column 5: bad conversion". Closing Huggle afterwards removes the possibly broken shortcut entries:

Starting it again works without errors, but all shortcuts have been reset. I can then modify the shortcut list again, close Huggle, and they get written to config:

Restarting then causes the yaml-cpp error to appear again, resetting all shortcuts.

I have already tried clearing the configuration with Huggle started, to force it to re-write everything on exit. That didn't change the problem.

I will now try clearing the config before starting Huggle, to force a complete reset.

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If the configuration file huggle.yaml.js exists as an empty Wikipedia page, Huggle refuses to start. I can't even reset the configuration that way. :)

it works to me, but maybe my shortcuts are more simple...

can you try with latest nightly build? I changed it so that shortcuts are now escaped in yaml config file.

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Thank you very much :)

Additional note: "insert-edits-of-rolled-user-to-queue" is a wonderful feature. Without being able to name it as a specific feature request, I have unknowingly always missed this. The new release has fixed the bug and added a nice feature.

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