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Tabs are unusable for new pages only with both Vector and Monobook skins
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Jun 3 2018, 5:55 PM
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In the discussion regarding T195625: Implement a responsive layout for MonoBook, one user reported that they have issues with the tabs on new pages, either after following a red link or clicking the "Create page" tab. The problem is present in Firefox as well as Samsung Internet Browser and are independent of whether the user is logged in or not. However, for already existing pages, everything is fine.

They sent me the following screenshots:

grafik.png (1×784 px, 473 KB)
grafik.png (1×783 px, 650 KB)
grafik.png (1×789 px, 558 KB)
grafik.png (1×789 px, 627 KB)
grafik.png (1×787 px, 573 KB)
grafik.png (1×786 px, 766 KB)

I'm happy to relay any questions.

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The "issues" and "unusable tabs" are about the text of the tab being rendered way lower than the actual tabs?
Or what are the actual outcome and expected outcome here?

Yeah, this already looks so strange that we're going to need a bit more context. Actual vs expected outcomes and what modifications have been applied user-side/how to replicate this.

The user writes,

leider sind die Reiter nach einem Klick auf einen Rotlink/nach einem Klick auf den „Bearbeiten“-Button immer noch sowohl bei Monobook (die Reiter überlappen sich mit der ersten Zeile von oben (Benutzername – Echo-Benachrichtigungen – Meine Diskussion – Einstellungen – Beta – Beobachtungsliste – Meine Beiträge – Abmelden)) als auch bei Vector (die Reiter sind zu tief und auch manchmal noch nicht mal lesbar) (zumindest bei mir) meistens nicht nutzbar.

i.e. in Monobook the tabs overlap with the Echo/Userpage/User Talk/... links in the upper right-hand corner and in vector the text gets pushed down into the page title. I will however ask them to specify whether this is purely a layout issue or they actually cannot use the tabs.

When did this start? It didn't previously get pushed down etc, then? Which user, what scripts do they have active, what zoom level do they use, do they use enlarged text?

The user provided the following information:

    • They use Samsung Internet Browser with a Tracking Blocker
    • Using Vector, the layout issue is there both when logged in and logged out, but the site is still usable
    • Using Monobook, the text on the tabs is displaced after clicking on red links/special pages/history/edit buttons such that it overlaps with the username/echo/talk links
  • Disabling JavaScript does not change anything

grafik.png (462×1 px, 252 KB)

I asked them to provide screenshots where they are logged out and information on when this problem started.

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@Cirdan: Can you please try using both safemode and debug and see if the problem still happens?
See for more information - thanks!

@Aklapper I'm not the one experiencing the problem, I'm just reporting on behalf of another user. I needed to clarify a few things with them and will get back with more information soon.

Unfortunately, the information given to me by the user is too inconsistent for me to turn this into a useful bug report. It seems that the problems have disappeared, at least when the user is logged in. I'm therefore closing this task.

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