Prioritization system for flagged revisions
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A possible extension to FlaggedRevs would be to be able to set up priorities for articles, by allowing reviewers to mark an article as 'high-priority', and make Special:OldReviewedPages filterable by high-priority articles (and maybe other more minor things like adding distinctive marks in recent changes or allow watchlist filtering too).

It may be used for example due to high visibility or sensitivity, as those articles are generally more urgent to review (especially for passive implementations). For active configurations too, as articles with lots of views tend to be edited more, so it would help to reduce cases where a user edits an old reviewed page.

An interface where reviewers can mark an article as normal or high priority, a log, and maybe a special page listing all high-priority articles would be needed.

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This will need consensus, and I'm not sure how helpful this would even be or if it would encourage more systemic bias. At the moment, it looks like a solution in search for a problem.

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