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Add time parameter to maps extension
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Previously we could just see the pic of map. With Kartographer extension, now we can navigate map via latitude, longitude and zoom.

It would be much better to allow navigation through time as well.

Use-cases are limitless, most prominent being historical articles about empires. They span over hundreds of years and their area vary drastically. If we want to depict extent of empire through various years, we had to use multiple pics. With Kartographer, that could be upgraded.

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Do you have a specific example where this would be useful that you can link to, please?

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This would indeed be very cool, but it is also a very specific feature and one that is not easily possible within the current OpenStreetMap dataset and architecture (although some attempts have been made at this in the past). As such, it would seem extremely unlikely that we will implement this.

Provisionally closing this feature request.