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Add an icon on user and user talk pages to display that account's permissions and status
Open, Needs TriagePublic


In discussing whether/how to expose that an account is partially blocked (if different to the "this user is blocked" banner you see when editing the talk page of a blocked user), I had the following idea:

One option would be to have a visible but discrete icon on the userpage that can be clicked/moused over. There would not be any stigma if this were something like "status", appeared on every user/user talk page and showed things like what permissions a user has (admin, rollback, etc) as well as items like "partially blocked" and "editing restrictions" (although as the latter are not known to the software at all these may not be possible). My first thought is that this would be similar in size and placement to en.wp's lock icons, featured article stars, etc.

I guess this would require more programming and be beyond the scope of just the harassment team's current tasks though.

@TBolliger liked the idea but confirmed it was out of scope for T203171 and the project that is part of.

I know there are many custom user scripts that display this information, such as User:PleaseStand/User_info.js.

I do like making this a bit more formal and accessible to all user accounts, but you are correct in this is outside our purview and scope.

Hence registering it as a separate new feature request.