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Create SparqlBlocks-based Wikidata tutorial
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SparqlBlocks is a library to build SPARQL queries visually with blocks, based on the Blockly framework. It might be a good basis for explaining Wikidata SPARQL queries for non-programmers, but it needs some work:

  • it is not very obvious how to create a query; there should be a tutorial or in-app help text
  • there is no nice way to create property or item blocks; you need to find the right block type in the sidebar and fill in the Q/P number. There should be some kind of label-based autocomplete.
  • more generally the sidebar should be rearranged to emphasize basic functionality and hide more complex functionality
  • there seems to be no way to use the label service; Q/P ids should come with labels

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Tgr created this task.Nov 29 2018, 11:27 PM
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Tgr added a comment.Nov 29 2018, 11:32 PM

Some time ago I tried to set up the tool at Toolforge (sparqlblocks) but never had time to get off the ground.