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Coordinate Wikimedia's participation in Google Summer of Code 2019 / Outreachy Round 18
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Timeline for Google Summer of Code 2019 >
Outreachy timeline will be more or less similar to GSoC. We don't have it available yet.


Before the program starts
  • Recruit organization administrators @srishakatux
  • Sign up as a mentoring organization on Google Summer of Code and Outreachy's website @D3r1ck01
  • Set up a GSoC 2019 and Outreachy Round 18 page on @psinghal20
  • Create a Google-Summer-of-Code-2019 & Outreachy-Round-18 project tag on Phabricator @srishakatux
  • Recruit ideas for projects and mentors
  • Get mentors to submit their project proposal on Outreachy's website. @D3r1ck01
  • Zulip chat stream setup for potential candidates @psinghal20
After the applications open
  • Promote Wikimedia's participation in GSoC/Outreachy @D3r1ck01
  • Optional: Participate in the Outreachy Twitter chat
After the application deadline
  • Start an email thread with mentors and facilitate the selection process
After the results are announced
  • Send accepted participants a congratulations email and instructions to join Zulip, community building, etc.
  • Send rejected participants an email with opportunities to stay involved
  • Update the program page on MediaWiki with necessary information (accepted candidates, next steps, etc)
During the program
  • Remind students to continue working on projects and write reports
  • Outreachy contract renewal

After the program

  • Host a project showcase
  • Write a blog post
  • Archive the workboards on Phabricator


  • First call for projects and mentors
  • Accepted as a mentoring organization
  • Accepted projects list

Event Timeline

srishakatux added subscribers: psinghal20, xSavitar.

Recruited @psinghal20 and @D3r1ck01 to help coordinate the next round of Google Summer of Code 2019 and Outreachy Round 18 with me!

Made some documentation improvements to Outreach programs guides:

Created an FAQ page based on previously asked questions on Zulip chat to save organization administrators some time:

Added ideas to stay involved after the internship and a point about Outreachy travel allowance here.