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Extension:InputBox preloadparams include %5B0%5D (additional 0) instead of %5B%5D
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There seems to be an issue with the preloadparams[] = parameter of Extension:InputBox, where instead of including %5B%5D the text %5B0%5D is included, where the extra "0" prevevnts it from functioning.

see example:

Any ideas for fixing this?

(also posted here)

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Aklapper renamed this task from Extension:InputBox preloadparams to Extension:InputBox preloadparams include %5B0%5D (additional 0) instead of %5B%5D.Jan 2 2019, 11:34 AM

Confirming. (For future reference, a list of steps to reproduce is highly welcome to avoid misunderstandings)

  1. See that source of states preloadparams[] = {{ROOTPAGENAME}}.
  2. Under "Step 1", enter "test" in the inputbox, click "Create pre-print"
  3. See that the resulting URL includes &preloadparams%5B0%5D=WikiJournal+Preprints.

Apparently either of the formats can be used:


Why is this a problem?

(The second format actually didn't work in VE, but I just wrote a patch to fix that:

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Seems to work just fine now